My trash/recycle was missed! What do I do?
Was your cart out by 7:00 a.m.? Were there any obstructions (cars, dumpsters, etc.) closer than 4 feet from your cart? Was the trash/recycle over-filled (lid not closed)? These are some reasons trash/recycle would purposely not be emptied, however, the driver should have left an orange tag letting you know. If there is no apparent reason your cart was missed, please call (805) 986-6650 and let us know. If the trash/recycle was missed by mistake, we can send a driver to empty it for no charge before close of business the next day. If there was a reason the cart could not be emptied, we can still return to empty it for a charge of $17.14 (added to your Water/Sewer/Trash bill) per cart, once the problem is ratified. Please call (805) 986-6650 to request a driver to come back.

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3. My trash/recycle was missed! What do I do?
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