Under what circumstances will the Police Department take a report?
When an officer from the Port Hueneme Police Department responds to a call for service, state law and department policy regulate the types of incidents requiring a police report.

Required Reporting:

1. In every instance where a felony has occurred.
2. In every instance where a misdemeanor crime has occurred and the victim desires a report.
3. In every case where any force is used against any person by police personnel.
4. All incidents involving domestic violence (including verbal incidents).
5. All arrests.
6. When an officer points a firearm at any person.
7. Reported missing persons (regardless of jurisdiction).
8. Found property or evidence.
9. All incidents involving the death of a human being.
10.Traffic collisions above minimum reporting level.
11. Injury or damage by City personnel.
12. Injury as the result of drug overdose.
13. Attempted suicide.
14. Injury that is major/serious, where death could result.
15. Any incident of juvenile gunshot injuries.

Police reports for incidents other than those listed above are at the discretion of the officer handling the call. Calls for service that do not result in a police report are still documented with a CAD/RMS entry and still contain relevant information about the call. Like police reports, CAD/RMS entries are available to the public.

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1. Under what circumstances will the Police Department take a report?
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