Weddings & Special Events

All parks in Port Hueneme are public and open to anyone who wants to enjoy them. With that being said, the City does not issue any permits for the parks.

If you would like to hold a simple wedding ceremony or other special event with a few family members or friends at the beach or gazebo, you are welcome to and no permit is necessary. You just need to follow the posted Rules and Regulations (PDF) and remember there is pay parking at the beach.


You can not bring in any equipment, tables, chairs, arches, aisle runners, etc. You can not decorate or attach anything to the gazebo or pier railings. You can not have any amplified sound. You also can not block public access at any time. Please keep in mind that it is a public beach, and other visitors may not respect the fact that you are getting married and may cause disruptions to your ceremony.

If you are looking for a more organized event, we would suggest checking the local Oxnard and Ventura beach hotels. Oxnard, Ventura and the State-run beaches also have large group areas that are available for rent.

Additional Information

If you have any questions about Hueneme Beach Park, please call the Recreation Department at 805-986-6542.

Hueneme Beach Park