Redevelopment Successor Agency

As of July 1, 2018, the County of Ventura Consolidated Oversight Board (“Countywide Oversight Board”) was established pursuant to HSC Section 34179(j). This means that instead of Ventura County’s successor agencies each having their own oversight board, one Countywide Oversight Board reviews actions taken by all of the successor agencies within Ventura County and can direct all of the same successor agencies to perform certain actions.


The Countywide Oversight Board has scheduled its regular meetings to occur on the fourth Wednesday of each month.


The current County of Ventura Consolidated Oversight Board members are as follows:

    Chancellor of the California Community Colleges: David El Fattal, Chair of the Board 

    City Selection Committee: Ken Simons 

    County of Ventura: Scott Powers, Vice Chair of the Board 

    County Superintendent of Education: Dannielle Brook 

    Independent Special District Selection Committee: Mike Mishler 

    Public Representative: VACANT

About the Board

As a result of AB 1x26, the City of Port Hueneme Redevelopment Agency was dissolved on February 1, 2012, with the City of Port Hueneme taking on the role of the Successor Agency to assume responsibility for winding-down the Redevelopment Agency's operations. 

Oversight Board Approved Documents