Port Hueneme Pier

Port Hueneme Pier

Port Hueneme Pier open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Before visiting the Pier please review the City Ordinances

The Port Hueneme Pier was originally constructed at its present location in 1956 by the Hueneme Sanitary District as a construction trestle used for laying a sewer outfall pipeline. The pier was 650 feet long and upon completion of the outfall was opened for public use. The pier was a popular fishing spot for many years until the Army Corps of Engineers commenced their bi-annual beach replenishment project that resulted in a larger beach and a pier that no longer reached the ocean.


In 1968 the City removed approximately 300 feet of the "old" pier and constructed a new 900 foot extension that resulted in a pier that was 1,250 feet long extending well out into the ocean. The 1968 extension had to be offset from the original pier to avoid driving piles into the sewer outfall which is the reason the pier now has the large transition area between the "old" and "new" sections. The 1968 extension included a tee-shaped terminus with two wings that provided ample space for fishing. 

The sewer outfall has long since been abandoned. By the late 1980s the "old" section of the pier had deteriorated to the point that it had to be replaced and in 1991 it was removed and reconstructed. This was followed by a large storm in 1995 that carried away one of the terminus wings and also caused substantial damage to the remainder of the Pier. The pier was closed for several months while repairs were made. 

Although the pier was repaired the missing wing was not replaced. Subsequently the City made plans for replacing the wing and when construction was about to start in 1997 another strong winter storm hit causing more damage to the pier and the loss of the remaining wing. Work on the terminus was delayed until 1999 when a new hour-glass shaped terminus was finally constructed to be more resistant to winter storms. This is the present configuration of the pier. Today our residents enjoy relaxing views of the pier which include the Channel Islands. On a daily basis one will find residents and families fishing off the pier or enjoying a nice lunch at Andy's Surfside Seafood. The beach has several BBQ and picnic areas, swings for the kids to enjoy, and volleyball nets. Restrooms are located at the front of the pier as well as in parking lot A.

Come visit our beach! 

Daily parking passes can  be purchased directly at the beach lot. Seasonal passes can be purchased at City Hall.