Landscape Maintenance

Palm trees at beach during sunset

The Landscape Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance of Moranda, Bubbling Springs, Hueneme Beach, and Bolker Parks, along with other City Facility grounds. The division provides care and maintenance of medians and roadside planters throughout the City and operates and maintains the City's irrigation systems by monitoring the weather to ensure that the irrigation systems are applying water in an efficient manner.

Service Responsibilities                  

The Landscape Maintenance Division provides and manages the Integrated Pest Management Program, which consists of strategies that integrate chemical, biological, cultural, and mechanical methods to prevent or control pests.          

The Division performs turf care by adjusting cutting heights suitable for the environmental conditions, including periodic thatch removal, vertical cutting, and aeration. It performs weeding, edging, and shrub pruning as an ongoing operation to develop a healthy and desirable growth pattern. It provides a systematic inspection of the City's trees, including regular pruning and general maintenance of tree health and performs proper selection of species of trees to plant in accordance with the environmental conditions of each location.