Port Hueneme Water Agency (PHWA)

The PHWA was formed in July 1994 as a means to better manage sub-regional urban water supplies for their customers. Along with the City of Port Hueneme, two neighboring Naval Bases became participants in the PHWA: United States Naval Construction Battalion Center (USNCBC) and the United States Naval Air Weapons Station (USNAWS). Since then, the USNCBC and USNAWS have been combined to form the Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC), and are served by PHWA. This plan was prepared in conjunction with efforts of other agencies within Ventura County.

Board of Directors

The PHWA Board of Directors is composed of three City Council members from the City of Port Hueneme and two directors from the Channel Islands Beach Community Services District (CIBCSD). PHWA operates as a cost-effective conjunctive use water supply entity, which provides a means to reduce historical sea water intrusion along the coast, enhances fire protection, improves water quality, encourages wastewater reclamation, and complies with the county-wide extraction reduction schedule.

Calleguas Municipal Water District

The PHWA annexed to the Calleguas Municipal Water District (CMWD) and was successful in arranging the exchange and transfer of State Water Project (SWP) supplies on a long-term basis and securing its use in the future. The imported SWP supplies through Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) and CMWD helps to ensure long-term reliability of quantity and quality for PHWA customers.

Urban Water Management Plan

An Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) is a planning tool that generally guides the actions of water management agencies. It provides managers and the public with a broad perspective on a number of water supply issues. The data found in this Urban Water Management Plan is provided for the PHWA wholesale service area.

Annual Water Quality Report

In compliance with State regulatory requirements, the Port Hueneme Water Agency publishes an Annual Water Quality Report to Purveyors. The purpose of this report is to keep the Agency's customers informed about the quality of the drinking water.


PHWA annual financial reports