Solid Waste (Trash)

Fleet of garbage trucks

The Solid Waste Division provides all solid waste and recycling services for the City residents, commercial businesses, and the Naval Base in Port Hueneme.

Residential trash/recycling is picked up throughout the City Monday through Thursday. Please have your carts curbside by 7 a.m. on your regular pickup day. Street: pick-up schedule (PDF) 

Map Version : Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday
City Map: Overall


The lid on your trash/recycle cart should be closed, and there should be at least 3 feet of clearance on each side of the cart.

Please no liquid waste, hazardous materials, chemicals, dirt, rocks, or paint in the trash OR recycle carts!

If the carts are over-filled, contain illegal materials, or are impeded by a vehicle, carts will not be emptied.

Missed trash or recycle (or extra empty)

The City can provide call-back service for trash and or recycle carts upon request. The charge for an additional empty is $17.14 per cart. This charge also applies for carts that were not out by 7:00 am, or if the driver was unable to empty the cart at the time pickup was originally attempted. Please call Solid Waste at (805) 986-6650 for call-back service.


The only holidays that may affect your residential pickup schedules are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. If your regular trash/recycling pickup day falls on one of these holidays, your trash/recycling pickup will be delayed one day on those days and subsequent days that week.

Christmas Tree Pickup

Click Here for Current Christmas Tree Pickup Schedule (PDF).

Sign Up for Service

To sign up for Water/Sewer/Trash Service, or to change/move your current service, please call Utility Billing at 805-986-6524, or walk into City Hall at 250 North Ventura Road and speak to the Utility Billing Desk during regular business hours.

Broken Trash or Recycle Carts

If your trash or recycle cart is broken from regular wear & tear, (cart is cracked, wheel fell off, lid is broken, etc), we will replace it at no charge. **NOTICE: Our 95-Gallon Blue Recycle Carts are currently OUT OF STOCK, so we are unable to replace broken recycle carts at this time. We will remove this notice as soon as we have replacement carts available**     To have your broken trash cart replaced, please Fill Out This Form or call Solid Waste at (805) 986-6650.