Police Department


1 Opens in new windowThe Port Hueneme Police Department has been committed to judicious, lawful, and minimal use of force that is consistent with well-established laws, policies, standards and community expectations. We are a learning organization continuously seeking to improve and enhance our commitment to protect and preserve life through proper supervision, progressive thinking, accountability, transparency, and community engagement.

The Port Hueneme Police Department has been involved in 27 use of force incidents and over 55,000 calls for service in the last five years meaning that force was used in less than half of one-tenth percent of all police encounters in Port Hueneme. The vast majority of the uses of force involved the use of hands (control holds) or an electronic control device. Each use of force is investigated by a supervisor and a manager in the police department to ensure it is within policy. In the last five years, we have processed 16 citizen complaints and none have been for the excessive use of force.

In response to questions surrounding the department’s use of force policies largely generated by the 8cantwait.org website, I wanted to provide you with detailed information about our policies in these areas. We rely on Lexipol, the leading platform for comprehensive public safety and local government agency policy development, to ensure our staff has the most up-to-date resources to carry out their duties and ensure public safety. Their group of expert attorneys develop evidence-based, legally defensible policies that are regularly updated based on changes in law and best practices. Our officers are tested monthly on these policies. Our policy manual is currently up-to-date and posted on our department’s website to show transparency to our community.

In summary, the goal of our policies is to protect the officers while they protect the community and manage risk for the City. I am confident the policies adopted by the Port Hueneme Police Department are consistent with law, best practices, and our community’s best interests. Our officers deftly use policy, training, self-control, and most importantly their good judgement to deal with a never-ending barrage of situations where split-second decision making is necessary.

We respect and value human life. For anyone to say otherwise is inexplicable and doesn’t understand the job we do day in and day out. We will continue to focus our efforts on Protecting Our Community with Pride and Professionalism through the lens of our shared humanity as we remain responsive to our community’s needs through the use of training, policies, and service delivery standards.