Citywide Traffic Signal Improvements

This program contains a series of projects by Public Works designed to enhance safety in the City's intersections and reduce energy usage. These projects include:

Upgrading Traffic Signal Backplates to Reflective Borders: Reflective tape borders increase the visibility of intersections in all weather and lighting conditions, especially at night and in the case of power outages. Studies show a reduction in accident rate of 15% to 40% after the installation of reflective tape. For more information, click here for the FWHA study and here for a study by SCDOT

Adding Battery Backup to Traffic Signals: Engineering is currently working on adding batteries to keep signals operational in the case of a power outage.

Upgrading Signal Lights to LED: LED lights are brighter, longer lived, and have lower energy consumption. LED lights increase safety while lowering energy and maintenance costs. The city will be replacing the lights in all of our intersections.

Traffic Signal Street Sign Name Plate Replacement: The Public Works Streets Department will also be replacing the current lighted street name signs with reflective nameplates. This will reduce power and maintenance costs while maintaining safety, especially in the case of power outages.

These improvements are funded by Senate Bill 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017

Signal Tape