2020 Water Rate Changes

2020 Water Rate Changes Meeting Notice

The City of Port Hueneme operates a vital water system that provides our customers safe, reliable drinking water.

We have a long-term plan to stay on top of infrastructure needs, encourage conservation and ensure an affordable, reliable water supply.  As we invest in a secure water future for the community that relies on us,changes to the way your water bill is calculated are needed.

Under the proposed new water rate structure in 2020:

·        Approximately 70% of our customers – those who use less than 7 HCF (hundred cubic feet) – will experience lower water bills in 2020.

·        Customers who use more than 7 hundred cubic feetwill see an increase in their water bill compared to the current rate structure.

To learn more about how we came to this new structure, how it encourages water conservation and enables the critical infrastructure improvements we’re planning in the future, join us at one of two information sessions we’re hosting in the coming weeks.  

An on-demand copy of the first session is available on the City's YouTube channel.