Street Sweeping

residential Street Sweeping

Residential street sweeping in the City of Port Hueneme is done on Thursdays and Fridays. There are only four holidays per year that streets are NOT swept: July 4th, Thursday Thanksgiving Day AND Friday AFTER Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Streets are not swept in the rain, but may still be swept if it’s drizzling or sprinkling. ONLY when street sweeping is officially cancelled by the City may vehicles be parked on the street without being subject to a citation. You may park on the street after the sweeper has clearly passed through.  

If you anticipate a problem with parking on your assigned sweeping day, please call Parking Enforcement at (805) 986-6552 prior to the posted time and provide the following:

  • vehicle make, model, color and license plate number
  • the reason the car cannot be moved
  • the address the vehicle is parked in front of or closest to
  • your name and phone number

*Please note that calling in this information does not automatically exempt the vehicle from being cited. The circumstances, as well as the vehicle’s citation history, including any outstanding unpaid citations, will be taken into consideration.

Please Click here for Street Sweeping Schedule & Maps, effective December 1st, 2019

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Community Notice 

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Changes to Street Sweeping Service & Parking Enforcement 

  • Your street sweeping schedule may be subject to change. Please take note of the posted date and time on the nearest street sweeping sign to ensure that you are not issued a citation.
  • Street sweeping schedule changes go into effect December 1, 2019
  • Signs will be installed in affected neighborhood by the end of the month.
  • The street sweeping changes are shown in the exhibit below and a description of changes include:
  • Reinstating the sweeping schedule for the Bolker Park Parking Lots, Bubbling Springs Parking Lots, Moranda Park Parking Lot and the Beach Parking Lots F & E. These areas were previously included in the 2009 street sweeping contract; this has been brought back to maintain cleanliness and a better level of service.
  • Added the north City Hall Parking Lot
  • Added the Library Parking Lot
  • Added the Community Center Parking Lot
  • South of City Hall; the Pearl Street South and North Curb are on alternating days, Pearl Street North Curb will remain on Thursdays 9am to 12noon and the Pearl Street South Curb will now be swept Fridays 8am to 11am

For questions regarding parking enforcement you may contact the Community Development department at (805) 986-6512

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