Mayor Richard W. Rollins

Council Member Rich Rollins


My goal as a City Councilperson is to improve the parks and beaches, increase the recreational opportunities, invest in infrastructure improvements, and establish a strong dependable revenue stream that will create a financially sound, safe, and beautiful community for years to come.


I have dedicated my career to improving the quality of life of the communities that I have served. I have a background in supervising and managing Community Service and Recreation Programs and Facilities. 

  • 1974-1981: City of Culver City
  • 1981-1984:  City of Alhambra
  • 1984-2007:  City of Santa Monica

Career Highlights

  • Management and supervision of senior, youth and adult recreation programs for 33 years
  • Director of various community festivals and events that served the unique and varied needs of the communities I served
  • Key coordinator for the development of the Santa Monica Police Activities League
  • Director of West Los Angeles Area Special Olympics for 10 years
  • Board member for the Southern California Municipal Athletics Association
  • Catalyst for development management of City skate parks, childcare facilities, homeless task force and beaches centers

 Volunteer Work

  • Westchester Neighborhood Council
  • Board Member and Head Coach for AYSO and Little League
  • Regional Director of California Jaycees
  • Board Member of Culver City Foster Children Association
  • President of Culver City Jaycees
  • Kentwood PTA Vice President
  • President of the Westchester Tennis Club

Community service

Upon retirement I moved to the City of Port Hueneme. My energy and desire to give back to the Community continued (it's in my blood). For the past 13 years I have: 

  • Raised funds to save the Hueneme Senior Holiday Luncheon that was slated to be cancelled
  • Served on the Board of the Friends of Bard
  • Developed youth involvement fair
  • Served as a local HOA president for 10 years
  • Served as Docent for Port Hueneme Historical Museum
  • Served as catalyst for the development of Hueneme Community Garden
  • Developed youth tennis program that served 50 Hueneme Youth for 5 years
  • Served as catalyst for the development of Hueneme Pickleball Courts that serves hundreds of players
  • Head Coach of Santa Clara High School Boys and Girls Tennis Teams for 8 yrs
  • Port Hueneme Recreation and Parks Commissioner for 3 years 
  • Catalyst for development of REACH (Recreation Education Arts Culture in Hueneme) a non-profit corporation formed to support and fund programs for youth and families
  • Volunteer for Beach Cleanups, Toys for Tots, Home Delivered Meals
  • Coordinator of Boys and Girls Club Pickleball program
  • Substitute Teacher for Oxnard and Hueneme School District

City Council

Since my appointment to the Port Hueneme City Council, I have represented the community as a Board Member on the following: 

  • Ventura County Air Pollution Board
  • Port Hueneme Water Association
  • Association of Water Agencies
  • So Cal Association of Governments
  • Energy and Environment Committee
  • REACH  (Recreation Education Arts Culture in Hueneme)

I am honored that you have given me your support to represent this fine community as a City Councilmember and I encourage each of you to contact me with your ideas, concerns and suggestions.  I also encourage you to volunteer to make our community an even better place to live. I have an open door policy. Feel free to contact me at


I have been married for 43 years and have 3 adult children and one grandchild.