Civilian Complaint Procedures and Form

The Port Hueneme Police Department is responsible for protecting the lives and property of the citizens of the City of Port Hueneme. This department receives or handles more than 30,000 calls for service annually. Port Hueneme police officers serve as arbitrators in thousands of cases where they are asked to resolve differences between individuals or groups. Many times the decisions made by the officers will restrict the freedom and liberty of these persons. Often these decisions materially affect the course of people's lives.

We fully realize that our involvement in complex and often emotionally charged situations may not always result in a level of performance you, the civilian, have grown to expect. For this reason the Port Hueneme Police Department has a well-defined procedure for assisting civilians who wish to voice their grievances against our operations, policies, or employee conduct.

All investigations are thorough, objective, and are aimed at maintaining public confidence and departmental integrity. The goal is neither to condemn nor exonerate, but rather identify and evaluate all the facts surrounding the incident in question.

Additional Information

Please see attached form (PDF) for further information. For Spanish use this form (PDF).