72-Hour Rainfall Warning

Typically following a rain event, Ventura County Environmental Health (VCEH) issues warnings advising people to avoid contact with ocean water at all Ventura County beaches or any storm water runoff for 72 hours (3 days) after the rainfall has ended.

Rainfall that is significant enough to result in runoff can flow into storm drains, channels, creeks, and rivers that empty onto the beaches of Ventura County. In general, 0.2 inches (2 tenths of an inch) of rainfall may be enough to create significant runoff conditions.

Effects of Runoff

Storm water runoff has the potential to carry disease causing bacteria to the beaches and into the ocean water. Any items that come in contact with runoff or ocean water should also be avoided. If contact occurs, wash the skin thoroughly with soap and water.

Shellfish on or from Ventura County beaches may have also been exposed to this contamination and should not be eaten.

Additional Information

For more information on VCEH's Ocean Water Quality Monitoring Program, visit their website.