City of Port Hueneme Drought Information

Conservation Information

The City of Port Hueneme enacted Ordinance Number 698 (PDF) (Water Conservation) in 2010. The Ordinance calls for four stages of water supply shortage: 

  1. Permanent Water Conservation Requirements
  2. Level 1 Water Supply Shortage
  3. Level 2 Water Supply Shortage
  4. Level 3 Water Supply Shortage

The City Council has implemented Level 1 Water Supply Shortage (PDF) status at this time. A Hardship Waiver may be granted upon a written finding of the existence of facts demonstrating an undue hardship that is disproportionate to the impacts of similar classes of water users due to specific and unique circumstances (such as a whirlpool tub used for physical therapy patients).

Water Quality during Drought

A letter from the City Water Superintendent was mailed to Port Hueneme residents regarding changes in water quality that can be expected during the drought. Please read the letter (English (PDF) / Spanish (PDF)) and our FAQ/Dos and Don'ts (PDF) sheet for more information.


If you have questions, please call the Water Division at 805-986-6563.