Blue Recycle Cart Information

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recyclable items

Here is a list of items that can be placed in your Blue Recycling Cart:

  • Brown paper grocery bagsRecyclecart
  • Catalogs, mixed paper
  • Cereal boxes, junk mail, phone books
  • Clean empty metal cans
  • Clean plastic and glass bottles and lids
  • Colored papers, aluminum foil, and trays
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Frozen food boxes, envelopes
  • Milk or juice cartons that do not have waxy residue
  • Newspapers, magazines, cardboard
  • Plastic pots, dairy tubs (butter, yogurt)

Not Recyclable

Do not place the following in your Blue Recycling Cart:

  • Plastic Bags (Click Here for Plastic Bag Recycling Information)
  • Clothing or textiles
  • Dirt
  • Electronics, computers, or cell phones
  • Fluorescent lights or batteries of any kind
  • Furniture, mattresses, toys
  • Greenwaste, wood
  • Hoses
  • Household cleaners, solvents
  • Items containing mercury
  • Oil, oil-based paints, antifreeze, pesticides
  • Pet waste
  • Styrofoam of any kind (cups, food containers, or packing material)
  • Window glass or ceramics

 View the Blue Recycle Cart Information pamphlet (PDF).

Blue Recycling Sign for Dual-Stream Blue Gray Collection System

Additional Carts

To help reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill, an additional Blue Recycle Cart may be added to your Water/Sewer/Trash account at no additional charge! Just call the Solid Waste Division at 805-986-6650 to request an additional Blue Recycle Cart (new carts may be out of stock; call for availability).SeparateTrash