Compost Tumbler Bins

Why Compost

  • It's easy! 
  • It reduces the amount of waste you bring to the curb! 
  • Composting returns rich organic material from your kitchen and garden into usable compost!
  • Composting improves the quality of your soil!  

Discount Compost Bins

Discount compost bins are only $30*! The City of Port Hueneme is proud to offer the 18.5 Gallon Miracle-Gro Outdoor Garden Compost Tumbler for Port Hueneme residents only.

Miracle-Gro Compost Bin✔ NO SPACE? NO PROBLEM! – Don’t let tight spaces keep you from composting! Miracle-Gro’s outdoor compost bin tumbler is small enough for even the tiniest spaces! The 18.5gal (70L) volume perfectly fits your balcony, porch, patio, or rooftop garden. Finally, you can compost from anywhere!

✔ TURN YOUR FOOD WASTE INTO GARDEN GOLD – Transform kitchen and garden waste into rich, fertile compost – the gardener’s treasured “black gold!” Ready-to-use compost will be yours in just 4-6 weeks, thanks to Miracle-Gro’s unique aeration system. Internal mixing bars speed up decomposition to make growing a happy garden easier than ever!

✔ REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT – Studies show that approximately one third of the world’s food supply goes to waste. But with Miracle-Gro’s rolling compost box you can do your part to change that. Save your compostable food scraps, help the environment, and cook up some compost that your plants will love!

✔ YEAR-ROUND, HASSLE-FREE – Why should composting be a seasonal activity? Miracle-Gro’s heavy-duty design lets you keep your compost going all year round! The sturdy side-locking mechanism ensures easy loading and unloading, while the durable construction maintains a tight seal. And BPA-free, food grade, UV-protected plastic, means you won’t need to worry about harmful toxins.

  • Delivered directly to your door by the Solid Waste Division
  • Please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery
  • One bin per Port Hueneme Residence
  • Checks or money orders only

*Prices and exact product subject to change without notice.

Order a Bin

To Order your Miracle-Gro Outdoor Tumbling Compost Bin, please complete this coupon (PDF) and mail a check or money order to:

City of Port Hueneme
Public Works Department - Solid Waste Division
250 N Ventura Road
Ventura, CA  93041

Or, you can walk into City Hall and place your order with the Utility Services Counter (cash, checks and credit cards accepted).