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Illegal Fireworks
With the Fourth of July approaching, the Police Department are once again beginning to see an increase in the number of fireworks related phone calls. Each year, in all communities, the holiday is used as a justification for the discharge of illegal fireworks. Each year, the Port Hueneme Police Department receives hundreds of complaints regarding illegal fireworks on July 4th, and the days leading to the Fourth of July. 

The fine for possession, sales, and setting off illegal fireworks starts at $1,000 and may result in arrest. Help us out by talking to your neighbors and sharing this message with family and friends.

You can email your complaints regarding illegal fireworks to: or by calling (805) 986-6539. Your information will remain confidential. 



Question & Answer - Tips

Q. How can I protect my pet during the 4th of July?

Take a moment to consider your pets this Fourth of July. Unlike people, pets don’t associate the noise, flashes, and burning smell of pyrotechnics with celebrations. Pets are terrified of fireworks, and often panic at the loud whizzes and bangs they produce. The busiest day for animal shelters during the year is July 5th.
Both the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and PAW have listed ways you can prevent your holiday celebration from turning into a tragedy. Here are some tips on how to keep your pet from panicking this Fourth of July weekend.

1. Keep your pets indoor
Though most of us consider fireworks to be the highlight of the evening, many pets are terrified of them. The bright lights and loud noises can unnerve pets and frightened animals will often escape in order to get away. Runaway pets can become lost or get hit by a car. To keep your pets safe and stress-free during a fireworks display, be sure to keep them indoors, preferably in a secure and comfortable room. Give your pet his favorite toy or a new chew toy to keep him distracted. Turning on the TV or radio can also help drown out loud and scary noises outside.

2. Don’t feed your pets “people” food
The 4th of July is known for backyard BBQ’s, but even delicious holiday food can be hazardous for your pets. Keep your pets away from hot BBQ grills that can easily burn them, especially if they are tempted by what’s cooking on the grill. Animals should never have access to chocolate or alcohol. Bones, except for those specially treated and intended for canine consumption, should also be avoided.

3. Collars, ID tags and microchips
All of your pets should have collars, ID tags and microchips, even indoor-only cats. A door or gate could be left open accidentally during 4th of July BBQ, or your pet could escape if he becomes frightened during a fireworks display. Collars, ID tags and microchips are the best way to ensure that if your pet gets lost, he will be returned to you.

4. Don’t use sunscreen or insect repellent on your pet
This tip applies to applying “people” sunscreen or insect repellent on your pet. What isn’t toxic to humans can be toxic to animals.

5. Keep your pet away from Glow Jewelry
It might look cute, but your pet could chew up and swallow the plastic adornments. The ASPCA states that while not highly toxic, “excessive drooling and gastrointestinal irritation could still result from ingestions, and intestinal blockage could occur from swallowing large pieces of the plastic containers.”

Q: What does "safe and sane" mean?

"Safe and sane" generally refers to fireworks that do not fly or explode. Fireworks bearing the "safe and sane" logo may be sold from noon June 28 through noon July 6 every year, unless a local ordinance is adopted and is more restrictive, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Currently, the City of Fillmore is the only city in Ventura County which permits “Safe and Sane” fireworks.

Q: What types of fireworks are illegal?

A: Illegal fireworks include the following, according to CAL FIRE.
• Sky rockets
• Bottle rockets
• Roman candles
• Aerial shells
• Firecrackers
• Other types that explode, go into the air, or move on the ground in an uncontrollable manner

Q: Are there really more injuries on the Fourth of July?

A: The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 240 people on average go to the emergency room every day with fireworks-related injuries in the month around the 4th of July holiday. The most common places to be burned are hands and fingers — with sparklers being the biggest offender — according to this CPSC infographic.

Q: What happens if I break the law?

A: The state of California and the Port Hueneme Police Department have a zero tolerance against illegal fireworks. You will be cited for city ordinance and state law violations. CAL FIRE and the State Fire Marshall state, “It is illegal to sell, transport, or use fireworks that do not carry the 'safe and sane' seal, as well as possess or use any fireworks in a community where they are not permitted. If convicted, a violator could be fined up to $50,000 as well as sent to jail for up to one year."

Q. Where can I buy legal fireworks?

A. Over 3,000 nonprofit organizations over California will be selling state-approved fireworks. To do this, they have to apply for a sales permit from local fire department, and then partner with the approved firework companies that set up selling stands. According to state law, firework sales are only allowed between noon June 28th to noon July 6th. The City of Fillmore remains the only city in Ventura County which permits the sales and use of fireworks during these time periods.

Q. Where can I watch a professional fireworks show?

A. A number of professional fireworks shows will be occurring throughout Ventura County. We encourage our citizens to attend the many shows throughout our county including fireworks planned in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Moorpark (July 3rd), Simi Valley, Calabasas, Channel Islands Harbor, Ojai, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Woodland Hills, Camarillo, Ventura and Santa Barbara. We would like to remind our citizens that the City of Fillmore is the only city you can purchase or use fireworks, of ANY KIND, in the County of Ventura.

Port Hueneme City Ordinance
5141 – Definitions

The following words and phrases as used in this Part shall be defined as follows:

 (a) "Dangerous Fireworks" shall be defined as set forth in Section 12503 of the Health and Safety Code of the State.
 (b) "Fireworks" shall be defined as set forth in Section 12502 of the said Health and Safety Code of the State.

5142 – Fireworks prohibited

 (a) Except as authorized by the fire chief in accordance with the currently adopted California Fire Code, no person shall sell, offer to sell, use or have in his or her possession within the city any fireworks or dangerous fireworks.
 (b) Except as authorized by the fire chief in accordance with the currently adopted California Fire Code, no property owner or tenant shall allow or permit the sale, offer to sell, use or possession of fireworks on their property when the property owner or tenant knows or should know of the sale, offer to sell, use or possession of fireworks at the property.

5143 – Penalties

• $250 for the first violation, if the involved fireworks are classified as “safe and sane.” Safe and sane fireworks are defined by California Health and Safety Code section 12529 as any fireworks that have not been classified as "dangerous" or "exempt.” These fireworks typically comply with California's fireworks laws, unless prohibited by local ordinances.
• $500 for the second violation within twelve (12) months of the first violation.
• $1,000 for each subsequent violation within twelve (12) months of the first violation.
• $1,000 per offense related to “dangerous fireworks,” as defined by Health & Safety Code Section 12505. In general, dangerous fireworks are those that “explode, skip, fly, travel, or dart.”