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Home Maintenance Incentive Rebate Program
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Home Maintenance Incentive Rebate Program

The mission of the Home Maintenance Incentive Rebate Program (“HMIRP”) is to provide financial incentives in the form of cash grants to stimulate preservation of the housing stock in the City’s mature neighborhoods, to eradicate substandard housing conditions, and to eliminate and prevent slums and blighting influences.

Who is eligible to participate? Owners of eligible properties who undertake certain improvements in accordance with the City’s Neighborhood Preservation Program Guidelines are eligible to participate. Eligible properties are those located within the City’s Neighborhood Strategy Area. The 92 single-family homes in the Bolker Park area are also eligible. See Target Area Map. Properties must be at least ten years old and cannot be a part of a planned unit development or governed by a homeowner’s association.

What is an eligible property improvement? Eligible work under HMIRP is limited to exterior improvements visible from the public right-of-way, which will enhance the exterior appearance of the property. Stucco, roofing, exterior painting, windows, garage doors, driveways, landscaping, and fences are all examples of eligible improvements. Patios, spas, fireplaces, and room additions are not eligible, as they do not constitute rehabilitation of the original dwelling. HMIRP operates as an incentive; therefore, property improvements that correct code violations and deferred property maintenance (if applicable) must be completed in order to qualify for rebate funding.

What is an eligible expenditure under HMIRP? Eligible expenses include all materials, permits, and rental equipment necessary to complete the eligible improvements. There is a minimum expenditure requirement of $500 per rebate. Labor expenses are also eligible provided the contractor or business holds a valid City of Port Hueneme business license. Labor performed by the owner, a relative of the owner, or a member of the owner’s household is not an eligible expenditure. Property owners manage their HMIRP projects. The City is not involved in approving contractors, monitoring the quality of workmanship, or paying laborers or contractors.

How much cash can I receive under HMIRP? The amount of each rebate is a percentage of verified eligible expenditures as follows:

High-Income Owner-Occupant: 10% (minimum rebate)
Moderate-Income Owner-Occupant: 20% (income documentation required)
Low-Income Owner-Occupant 30%: (income documentation required)
Investor-Owner: 20%

Submission of income information is optional. Applicants who do not wish to disclose their income information may instead elect to take the minimum rebate of 10%. In an effort to assist special needs groups in improving their living conditions, rebates to owner-occupants may be increased by 5% if the head of household is elderly, disabled, or a single parent.

How many rebates can I receive? An applicant may receive more than one rebate provided that the required preliminary inspection is carried out for each separate rebate application before any work is commenced. There is a maximum eligible expenditure limit of $20,000 per parcel.

What are the steps involved in obtaining an HMIRP grant? There are four key steps involved in the process: 

  1. Submit an HMIRP application before commencing work.
  2. Schedule a preliminary exterior inspection of the property with HMIRP staff. At the inspection, you will be advised in writing of the particular conditions under which the City will disburse a rebate for improvements on the property. In some cases, the City may require correction of other deficiencies if they will not be addressed in the course of the work you have already planned.
  3. Spend a minimum of $500 on HMIRP-eligible work and complete all required work within 120 days of the preliminary inspection.
  4. Present written receipts for eligible expenses upon completion of work. Be sure to review the City’s receipt requirements carefully before incurring HMIRP-eligible expenses.

How can I get an HMIRP application? For an application and additional information, please contact:

Jennifer Arriola, Community Development Programs Manager, at (805) 986-6552 or via email.

Applications may also be obtained in person at Port Hueneme City Hall, Department of Community Development, 250 North Ventura Road, Port Hueneme.