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City of Port Hueneme
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2016 City Council Election Information
Candidates for City Council

Voter Information- Voter look up, register, and find your polling location.

Polling Place Locations- Listing of over 300 polling places in Ventura County on Election Day, November 8, 2016 from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Election Results- Election results and canvass of the vote.

How "to" Handbooks- Filing petitions, ballot measures, how to call an election, and more.

Positions Open for the November 8, 2016 Municipal General Election:
Two City Council Member Positions
(four year terms)

General Qualifications to be a Candidate for and Hold Public Office

A person is eligible to hold office as City Council Member s/he is at the time of assuming such office an elector of Port Hueneme, and was a registered voter in Port Hueneme at the time nomination papers are issued to the candidate as provided for in Section 10227 of the Elections Code.

If, during his/her term of office, s/he moves his/her place of residence outside of Port Hueneme or ceases to be an elector of the city/district, his/her office shall immediately become vacant. (Government Code Sec. 34904 and 36502)

A candidate for nomination or election to public office who is a minor shall have the rights and liabilities of an adult, both civil and criminal, with regard to his/her activities as a candidate. (Government Code Sec. 275.2)

A person is incapable of holding a civil office if at the time of his/her election or appointment s/he is not 18 years of age and a citizen of California. (Government Code Sec. 1020)

A person is disqualified from holding any office upon conviction of designated crimes as specified in the California Constitution and laws of California. (Government Code Sec. 1021)

Pre-Campaign Candidate Intention Requirements

FPPC Form 501: Candidate Intention Statement

An individual who intends to be a candidate for a local elected office must file Fair Political Practice Commission (FPPC) Form 501 with the City Clerk prior to the solicitation or receipt of any contribution or loan, including personal funds used for the election. An individual must file a separate Form 501 for each election, including reelection to the same office.

FPPC Form 410: Statement of Organization & Campaign Bank Account Statement 

An individual candidate who is raising contributions from others or is spending more than $2,000 to be elected to a local to a local office must:

1. Open a campaign bank account and file bank account information on Form 410, Statement of Organization. All funds to be used for campaign purposes, including the candidate's personal funds, must be deposited in the campaign bank account for the specific office prior to expenditure.

2. File the FPPC Form 410 within 10 days of receiving $2,000 in contributions. The date this form is postmarked is the date the FPPC consider it filed. The original form is to be filed with the Secretary of State's office with a copy to the City Clerk.

NOTE: A candidate may use personal funds for the filing fee and/or fee for statement of qualifications in the ballot pamphlet without first depositing those funds into the campaign bank account.

Exception to filing pre-election statements: Officeholders and candidates who do not have a controlled committee and who anticipate receiving less than $2,000 and spending less than $2,000 (including personal funds) during the entire calendar year may reduce their filing obligations by filing a Form 470. If, after filing Form 470, an officeholder or candidate receives contributions or makes expenditures that aggregate to $2,000 or more respectively (including personal funds), the officeholder or candidate must file Form 470 Supplement, 410 and 460.

For detailed information on campaign disclosure see the 2005 Information Manual 2 on Campaign Disclosure Provisions of the Political Reform Act, available on the Fair Political Practices Commission website, or call (866) 275-3772.

Official Nomination Period

Nomination petitions are available from the City no earlier than July 18, 2016 and must be filed no later than August 12, 2016 unless there is an extension of the nomination period to August 17, 2016, due to an elected official not filing for their position. View elections calendar.

FPPC Form 700: Statement of Economic Interests

Each candidate for City Council Member shall file with the City Clerk no later than the final filing date for nomination papers, a candidate statement (Form 700) disclosing his or her investments and interests in real property.

Political Advertising

Any paid advertising that refers to an election or to any candidate for State or Port Hueneme elective office and that is contained in or distributed with a newspaper, shall bear on each surface or page thereof, in type or lettering at least half as large as the type or lettering of the advertisement or in 10-point Roman type, whichever is larger, the words "Paid Political Advertisement." The words shall be set apart from any other printed matter. (Elections Code Sec. 20008)

For more information about the 2016 General Election, visit the
Ventura County Elections Division website.